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Os propongo una serie de consejos para los que alguna vez habeís participado en la gestión de proyectos o teneís pensado hacerlo en un futuro. No me apetece traducir, así que os los dejo en la lengua de Shakespeare… =D

It’s important to every one to know how to manage project; because.. whatever your position you’ll need to manage a project one day, it can be a small or big project, anyways, here are some tips to help you manage your project successfully:

  1. Define the scope (Goals, objectives, what’s included and what’s not)
  2. Determine available resources.
  3. Check timeline.
  4. Assemble your project team.
  5. List big steps (Better if ordered, but not necessary)
  6. List smaller steps in each of the larger steps.
  7. Put all of your steps in a preliminary plan ( What happens first? what’s next? Which step can go at the same time using different resources? Who is going to do each step? How long will it take?)
  8. Create a baseline plan (adjusting the preliminary plan by getting feed back)
  9. Request project adjustments ( after writing your plan you’ll find out that you have to change some points in your scope, tell your boss and try to change them before beginning if possible)
  10. Work your plan, but never die for it (Plan can get changed, just focus on the scope and the resources)
  11. Monitor your team’s progress (Catch issues before they become problems)
  12. Document everything (specially plan changes)
  13. Keep everyone informed (Stakeholders, your team)

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