How can your business benefit from Facebook

by Darío Franco on 9 Octubre, 2010 · 0 comments

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Interesante artículo publicado por Israel García en la sección de General Management de Fundesem Alumni Update, donde nos da diez consejos para sacarle partido a la red social más famosa. Os lo dejo en inglés por que para traducirlo ya está Google Translator 😉 

Have you ever suffered because of a friend or relative who had posted something embarrassing or even a photo that you wished your current and prospective customers had never seen?

I think every person who has a Facebook account has experienced this at a given moment. When this occurs is when we start looking for a way to keep our business safe and isolated from our personal life. Having a Facebook Fan Page for your Business could be the solution.

Take a look at my 10 commandments!

1 – Ease of linking
Have a direct link from your fan page to your website. Embedding a fans badge on your web page allows visitors to instantly become fans of your business. This also has an extra advantage with search engines because the visibility of any Facebook page (by the sheer power of Facebook) is much higher than your website.

2 – Fans approval
People could follow your Facebook page without having been approved first (as with a friend on your personal profile on Facebook). This saves you plenty of time and makes it easy to build your tribe.

3 – Unlimited amount of fans
You have an unlimited amount of fans. At this time the number of friends on your profile is limited to 5000. Nevertheless, you can have an unlimited amount of fans.

4 – Community
Because fans can comment on your posts and join any initiative you embark, it creates a sense of community where they can share their thoughts and opinions. In addition, they can also post if they logged publish.

5 – Instant Mailing List
You can instantly send an update to all your members about special offers, events, releases, articles, etc..

6 – Disclosure daily
People connect and check Facebook every day. So having a fan page allows daily interaction with your readers. And unlike e-mail updates, you never have to worry about your message being caught in spam filters. That’s a big advantage!

7 – Relevance and Control
Fan pages let you keep your business communications fan page and personal updates on your homepage (profile). This would not upset your mother with information on the special 50% discount this weekend. And your customers do not have to read news and see pictures of your children dressed for Halloween.

8 – Increased exposure
Fan pages are public. All search engines and people can see them. This dramatically increases the potential for exposure.

9 – Viral Marketing
Even if your fans do not take the initiative to recommend your page to their network of friends and acquaintances, your page can be seen thorough the favourite pages of your fans. This greatly opens the exposure to other potential customers.

10 – Take precautions so you do not close the account
The Terms and Conditions of Use of Facebook explain that any commercial use of a personal account is a cause for deactivation. Broadly speaking, these are my “test=results” reasons of how your business can benefit from Facebook. Certainly, there are many more important reasons why you should create a fan page on Facebook for your business. Would you like to share some?

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